Design Process

1. First Consultation

  • We meet with the Client to determine the project scope and brief, as well as advise on specific materials and constraints, while also determining the budget etc.
  • No cost to client

2. Preliminary Sketch Plans / Concept Design

  • After the first consultation the project will be classified into one of the following sizes:
– Small
– Medium
– Large
– Design Concepts / Suggestions only
  • A fee equal to the size of the project will be communicated with the client after the first consultation, payable before we can proceed with Concept designs. The Client will be credited with this amount on the Final invoice upon acceptance of the formal quote and installation of the project.
  • Preliminary 3D’s will be provided with Sketch plans and a project estimate. (Dimensions, Elevations and full 3D renderings will only be provided with Full Design)

3. Full Design

  • Full Design includes detailed 3D renderings, dimensioned plans and elevations, material specification as well as a formal project quote.
  • Before we can proceed with the full design of the project, a project deposit will be payable to the value of 10% of the project estimate, as well as a formal acceptance of the project. (Please note that a project estimate is provided on the sketch plans – if material changes are made, designs changes etc the project total will change)
  • Once the design is finalised and the quote accepted:
– 60% payment will be due to procure materials.
– 20% payment will be due the day the carcasses arrive on site.
– 10% payment will be due on completion of the project.

4. Installation

  • We design and oversee all manufacturingand installation of the products. Together with a team ofexperienced installers wewill ensure that the process runs smoothly

5. Enjoy

  • Enjoy your new space